yes! it is boyfriend's birthday today! finally!
look! i wrote a post about him last year on his birthday too!
mind you, that was when i was just a major creep and had a massive crush on him.
but secretly, he had a crush on me too.
but anyways.
we got over that.
and now..
well, we've been dating for
three hundred
and forty eight
days. nbd.

ps - check out this picture,
and try to tell me you wouldn't want to be dating him too.

pps - starting today..
me and boyfriend are the same age.
excellent, right?

sewww yeah.  :)
i'm gonna take him breaky in the morning..
then go watch him play soccer..
[he is a fantabulous smexy goalie]
and then we're going to eat lunch with his grandparents..
and then we're going to watch more soccer..
and hopefully get a sunburn - or 2
and thenn...

happy birthday, babe! :)

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