i wanna talk about ME.


uno - i am the youngest granddaughter on the martin side of the family, but the second oldest grandchild on the atwood side of the family. conflict of interest? my mom is the oldest in her family, and my dad is the baby of his.

two - i hate things. i hate tomatoes, mushrooms, clowns, popping balloons (although, i am proud to say, i have overcome my fear of popping balloons. but i still don't like doing it), earbuds, blackberries, windows computers, black licorice, people who can't manage money, haunted houses, and creepy people [read-late at night, when you're walking down the street, and you see someone - probably a creepy person - far off, walking the opposite way of you. you purposely turn around, or pretend to call someone on your cell phone, or actually call someone on your cell phone, all to avoid either A-the temptation for them to call out to you, or chase you, or follow you or B-the temptation for you to scream.]

3 - i love strawberries.

iv - i also love sunshine. vitamin D is the most important!.

fife - my guilty pleasures include, but are not limited to: justin bieber, hannah montana, angry birds, looking at old pictures of carter [what a hottie-mc-hotpants. if he was a president he'd be 'babe'raham lincoln!], watching the harry potter and twilight series(es?), netflix, and blogging.

sixxxx - time management is NOT my strong suit.

scheven - me and carter [aka, best boyfriend ever] love criminal minds. we watch it every day. at least one episode. nerds? it's possible. we also know how to catch a serial killer. on the other hand, we also know how to be expert serial killers.

ate - i wish i was a dancer.

9 - i don't mind dairy products as much as i used to. i used to despise cheese, hate milk, destroy yogurt.. but now! i sometimes put cheese on my subway sandwiches.. once in a while i take a swig of milk.. and nielson's fruit yogurt is a great breakfast companion. but only nielson's.

dios - i love febreeze. maybe sometimes i even wear it as perfume?... hahaha. i'm so sick.

oneone - i'm not drinking pop. cause i'm gonna die if i drink too much.

xii - one dayyyyy i wanna be on AGT. but i haven't decided if i wanna be a joke or for serious. suggestions? comment below.

firteen - i loooooove pick up lines. the cheesier the better. that is all.

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  1. clowns terrify me and nothing gets better than the biebs. haaave you played tiny wings? get addicted to that sucker. it's amazing.