The title of this post is sort of random.. I'm just rocking out to some good old school rock.
So my mom has been in Utah since like July 9th or something.. And it was okay at first, 'cause I was in Utah 'till the 12th / morning of the 13th. But these last few weeks, I've grown a new appreciation for everything she does around here. First, the dogs. Oh my heck, the stupid dogs. I hate them more and more every day. And they hate when Mom isn't home, so they poop and pee everywhere in the house. But besides that, Mom has to clean up after them all the time. Like when they chew crap up and stuff. They've been doing a lot of that. And it's super frustrating. Next, the boys. I don't know how she keeps up after the boys. They get out a cup, they get out their juice, they pour the juice in the cup - and on the counter, drink their juice, leave the cup and juice out for ME to put away! They get out plates and food and eat their food, and leave their plates in the living room, or at the computer desk. As I'm typing this I'm glaring at the bowl of water Ryan left on the desk because he burnt his fingers. JUST PUT YOUR FREAKING DISHES IN THE FREAKING DISHWASHER!!! Put the toaster away! Through your garbage IN THE GARBAGE CAN!! Meals is another thing. Thanks to Aunt Dianne, we'll have food for the next few days.. But up to this point we've just had sandwiches and KFC and Chinese food. It's about time we had a good meal. And she deals with Dad. 'Cause when he has a bad day at work, he comes home and pouts and usually Mom cheers him up or something. I don't even know. He's been crabby lately, though. All in all, I can't wait for Mom to get home! And Justin too, I guess.. :)


  1. aw, that's sweet. I hope your mom reads this. And it's all true. Welcome to the life of a mom. :D

  2. So not happening. Ever. Haha at least not until I've matured enough to not want to kill all these boys all the time.