Thunder :)

I haven't put any pictures on the computer yet.. So just deal with it. :)
So this last weekend was Thunder in the Valley, which is this awesome fireworks show in the Crowsnest Pass. How so many people - Ethan, Erica, Dino, Keith, Viktoria, Carter, Mason.. - have never been before is beyond me! It's a good excuse to go camping with awesome people.. Or it's fine to just drive up right before, and drive home right after too. :) But it's much better to make a whole weekend of it! Just sayin'.. I think we learned our lesson.
As I'm driving home - Carter, the poor boy, was sleeping - it's starts thundering and lightning. Appropriate? I think so. Then, my iPhone - plugged into to the radio transmitter - turns out 'Thunder' by Boys Like Girls. Thunder all over the place!! To top off the weekend, Sunday night there was a thunderstorm!! I just loved this whole weekend.
Today I'm going to look at MY house! Yes, ladies and gents.. I'm moving out. Woaahh. Way weird. But I'm super excited. :) Neechel and Danielle are going to be some of my 'housemates' and it's gonna be a complete gong show all the time. And after I see MY house.. I'm going to play with MY little girls! Haha! 'Cause I got that nanny job.. So me and Val - the mother - decided that we need to spend some quality time together before I officially start in August. It's gonna be a fantabulous day.

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