remembering. :)

2011 was a great year, no?
For example, I learned that you're not supposed to start a sentence with a number, and that you're not supposed to end a sentence with a question. Fail.

- I lost all my wisdom via my jaw.
Ok, so January was lame.

- Carter & I celebrated our 1st Valentine's Day together!
- Carter 'graduated(?)' from his Basic Military Qualifications course!
- Myself, Adrian, and Ethan got sucked in to being in the town play, "Annie, Get Your Gun!"
- As per above, we met Christine!

- I got my stinkin' ugly braces off!
- And we performed the play! So fun.
- I got accepted to NAIT, in the Medical Transcription program!
- Carter decided the military wasn't for him at the time. (Thank goodness..)

- Carter asked me to grad. I replied with fish.
- We discovered a love of tennis.
- I finished my job as a nanny to prepare for moving to Edmonton.

- I got a job selling knives. Now, I turned out to not be the best salesperson, but I did end up with a bunch of great fantastic knives!!
- The Slave Lake fire happened. This changed my family's life forever.
- I discovered the wonder that is Zumba.
- OMG Ethan got his mission call!! (He's been out for 100 days now!!)
- Me & Carter saw the Titanic. Sort of.
- I voted for the first time!

- Carter turned 18.
- Carter graduated!
- Chopping my hair off.. :(
- Summer arrived, complete with sunburns and yard work.
- Carter broke his foot playing soccer. Poor thing.
- We celebrated our first 'anniversary'!

- I went to my first Broadway show (Wicked!) but it wasn't on Broadway... Whatever.
- My family basically moved to Slave Lake for the summer. (Remember when I said the fire changed our lives?) My dad is still there.
- Adrian got his mission call too!!!!!
- Thunder In The Valley. Love. Even in the rain.

- I got fired for the first time.
- I went to Slave Lake to be with my family!
- Carter got fired too, but he tells you he quit.
- Carter got a job in Slave Lake for my dad!, where he still is.
- I moved to Edmonton.
- And I turned 19.
- School started.

- Ethan left on his mission.
- I got to become friends with Cylie & Meghan!

- I bought a wedding dress.
- I fell in hate with the house I lived in.

- My favorite roommate moved out. AKA I hated the house even more.
- I decided it was time to move out. Actually, all our roommates decided it was time. So we did.

- Adrian left on his mission!
- I moved into mine and Carter's first place all by myself!
- School finally finished the first semester.
- I passed!
- I had an amazing Christmas holiday with my family and Carter.
- We welcomed 2012 with music and kissing! :)

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