Blogging: 10 Days.

Day 01: 10 things you want to say to 10 different people.

01 - Cylie: Thanks for letting me borrow the seasons of One Tree Hill!!

02 - Meghan: You're silly. Paha. Just thinking about you makes me laugh.

03 - Carter: I love you. Come see me soon. :)

04 - Lindsay: Thanks for letting me steal your notes. Always.

05 - Loralie: I'm sorry I hate you so much..

06 - Lia: Don't mess me up on this A&P exam!

07 - Peyton Sawyer: You're an idiot for going in that creepy guy's dark dorm room. And for taking his drink.

08 - Jack Frost: Go die.

09 - Mom: Thanks for sending off in my invitations! You're the best!

10 - Jessica: I miss you, twinny.

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